Packing for Inverness

I am just terrible without a routine.

The last week I have been staying in Deal, Kent with some unbelievably hospitable family friends. But after a day of lapping up the luxuries of home – a sofa to sit on! a fridge! a labrador to pat! – I started panicking about what to do next.

Cue a week of nail biting anxiety, indecision and the inevitable lurches of self confidence that happen when I think about applying for jobs. We are talking not being able to sleep until 2am, absolute lethargy, and extreme fragility, like this morning when I almost cried when I got on the wrong bus and thought I’d wasted £5.90 on a ticket.

Clearly, not a good state to be in when you’re trying to think strategically, confidently and ‘professionally’ about your next travel/work move.

So after a mild shove from my mother, I decided it was time to tee up another workaway stint, and go there for a few weeks. I am MUCH more productive when I have something to be doing each day. So on Tuesday I will be flying north up to Inverness, to go and work at Cardhu Country House, a very plush B&B in the Scottish highlands.

Current average temperatures in the Highlands are hovering round 12 degrees Celsius, so today I picked up a few snuggly tops from Oxfam in Canterbury, both around £1.50 each, plus a very *sensible* pair of navy weather-resistant pants, the former perfect for cleaning bedrooms, the latter just the ticket for striding across heathery hillsides, breathing in inspiration and clarity. Ha!

Also nabbed a new pair of exercise leggings from H&M as my old Target faithfuls are practically disintegrating. Oh and also indulged in a glossy mag for pure escapism. All set for a Highland fling!

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